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Our mission is to advance and promote aviation related business throughout Southern California; to be proactive in addressing concerns impacting the region’s airports, including safety and operations; and promote education on the importance of business aviation to our communities, companies, and the general public.

As a member of SCAA, you have the power to drive our mission by getting involved in any number of our Committees.  Join, relax, and have some fun while you get to know your fellow industry colleagues.

To apply for a committee, submit your request along with your resume to Debi Carpenter at

Program Development/ Event Committee (This committee is looking for new members!)

The Program Development/Event Committee is looking for motivated aviation professionals to make a difference in our region’s aviation community.  The committee will meet the 2nd Tues of every month via a conference call, and quarterly for lunch. 

In support of the SCAA mission, The Program Development/Event Committee plans and promotes various association social and fund raising events including industry networking, safety and operational related workshops, golf tournaments and more as requested and approved by the Board of Directors. Programs and events will be vehicles to grow and bring value to membership and shall be integral to continued growth of the SCAA’s membership.

Objectives & Tasks

  • Will work as a team to develop new programs and events
  • Develop relationships with industry leaders
  • Increase membership by promoting SCAA's vision among members and the community
  • Organize at least six events per year
  • Provide educational and networking opportunities for the aviation community
  • Raise money for scholarships,  program development, and advancement of SCAA
  • Help coordinate event details
  • Volunteer to help at events
  • Assist in the management of mediums to communicate and make resources available to membership and the aviation community
  • Regularly update the SCAA website and event pages
  • Offer content for e-mail announcements  and newsletters
  • Post updates through social media outlets and create awareness

Mentor Committee

Bringing Aviation to students. Helps us educate and support students interested in learning about our industry.

In support of the SCAA mission, The Mentor Committee plans to educate students about careers and opportunities for growth in aviation. Specifically, with a large workforce replacement in aviation expected over the next decade, the mentor committee will develop an educational resource of great minds to pass along best practices and to ensure the progress of Business Aviation in Southern California.  The committee will facilitate channels and opportunities for that connection.

Objectives & Tasks

  • Develop relationships with institutions and aviation professional to drive membership to the SCAA
  • Create and maintain a website and potentially published directory of Mentors
  • Keep record of success stories and mentee growth
  • Organize an annual Mentor and Career Day
  • Provide Charitable Donations to Aviation Schools and programs

Safety Committee

In support of the SCAA Mission, the Safety Committee will proactively promote aviation safety education throughout the region. To this end, the Safety Committee shall develop and facilitate safety education events and/or related communications addressing all disciplines of general and business aviation.

Objectives in support of the Safety Committee’s Mission Statement:

  • Develop and execute an annual Safety Standdown Seminar
  • Develop and conduct at least two additional safety events per year
  • Foster safety communication within the region and between other similar regional organizations

Communications Committee

 - NEW

SCAA is looking for a leader to Chair this new committee, and committee members to support this initiative. This committee’s role is to gather news from our members, and industry leaders to publish in our quarterly newsletter; provide content through our social media outlets; and post on the SCAA website. In addition, this committee helps send communications to the FAA, TSA, and government officials.

Maintenance Committee - NEW

SCAA is looking for a leader to develop and form this new committee.

Schedulers and Dispatchers Committee - NEW

More information coming soon. 

Technical Committee - NEW

More information coming soon. 

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