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Mission Statement: The mission of the Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA) is to harness the passion and dedication shared by established and aspiring aviation professionals by providing education, networking, mentoring and scholarship programs in order to advance, connect and empower a safe and collaborative Southern California Aviation community.  


                Safety Committee: In support of the SCAA Mission, the Safety Committee will proactively promote aviation safety education throughout the region. To this end, the Safety Committee shall develop and facilitate safety education events and/or related communications addressing all disciplines of general and business aviation. This is accomplished by developing and executing an annual Safety Standdown Seminar, developing and executing at least two additional safety events per year and fostering safety communication within the regional between other similar regional organizations.

                Mentoring Committee: In support of the SCAA mission, the Mentor Committee educates students about careers and opportunities for growth in aviation. Specifically, with a large workforce replacement in aviation expected over the next decade, the mentor committee will develop an educational resource of great minds to pass along best practices and to ensure the progress of Business Aviation in Southern California.  This is accomplished by maintaining a published directory of mentors, keeping records of success stories and mentee growth, organizing an annual mentor and career day and providing charitable donations to aviation schools and programs

                Technical Committee: In support of the SCAA mission, the Technical Committee helps increase awareness, motivate, inspire and serve the business aviation community with guidance by aviation professionals from the technical community. Being part of this committee will help prepare the next generation of aircraft technicians become more resourceful, efficient and being able to adapt to the ever-changing industry that is business aviation. This is accomplished by developing and executing events that address the issues that affect aviation technicians, MROs and aircraft maintenance departments. 

                Leadership Committee: In support of the SCAA mission, the Leadership Committee addresses leadership development, individual growth and industry needs. This is accomplished by developing and executing events in conjunction with Safety, Mentoring and Technical needs while creating awareness to personal development.

                Special Events Committee: In support of the SCAA mission, the Special Events Committee helps organize, plan and execute all SCAA related events. This is accomplished by working with each of the committee Chairs to identify the needs and scope of the event. 

Note:Committee events may be combined and all committees are encouraged to work together for the common benefit of the individuals. 

As a member of SCAA, you have the power to drive our mission by getting involved in any number of our Committees. Join, relax, and have some fun while you get to know your fellow industry colleagues.

To apply for a committee, submit your request along with your bio and details on why you would like to join to:info@socalaviation.org

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