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Safety SHARE Program

SHARE (Safety Hazard Awareness, Reporting, and Empowerment) is a program designed to create an open format for dialogue and sharing of safety data between Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA) members. The program pools safety data from corporate flight departments and general aviation professionals through the electronic SHARE web portal in a de-identified, aggregated format. SHARE participants can use this data and the SHARE roundtable hazard discussions to learn what safety challenges we experience. SHARE benefits the participant by providing a larger collective data and experience set, with the goal of not learning any lesson more than once.

SCAA has worked to ensure your reported data is handled securely and responsibly through our SHARE partner Baldwin Aviation. In order for SHARE to be successful, open dialogue and candor by the participants is paramount. Equally as important is the trust among participants that the data shared will be kept confidential.

To become a SHARE member, you must complete the online application. Once you are approved you will receive access to the SHARE web portal, and you will be allowed to register for SHARE roundtable events.

To learn more please email: safety@socalaviation.org

Click here to apply for the SHARE Program

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