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*The contact information below is listed for the purposes of mentoring. Please no solicitation.

Jason Park, CL-30 Captain

email: jason.park@medimpact.com

cell phone: +1.858.212.6345

Jason Park received a knock on the door from a man who worked for a flight school in Oklahoma one day while studying fro a graduate school entry exam. The gentleman was recruiting pilots for the academy and quickly sparked Jason's interest in a career in aviation. After researching his options and the potential costs, Jason decided to use the money he had put aside for graduate school for flight lessons. By 1997, with two years of flight training behind him and a Certified Flight Instructor rating, he was now being paid to teach people how to fly. After roughly a year and a half of flight instruction combined with flying traffic reports around the Bay Area to build flight hours, Jason was hired by a cargo company to be a flight engineer on the Boeing 727. After three years and 1300 hours in the Boeing with true professional pilots, Jason learned that the high altitude jet environment was a lot of work, but invaluable to his career as a pilot. In 2002 a friend helped Jason get a job as a co-pilot on a light jet called a Citation Bravo transitioning to the Citation Jet series airplane and then onto heavier Gulfstream jets. By 2004 Jason had three jet type ratings and was collecting valuable jet "pilot in command" experience. Jason continued to build flight time in the corporate jet environment flying jet charters. In 2008 Jason was hired by MedImpact Health Care Systems, Inc., solidifying his place in corporate aviation. He now flies the CJ3, CJ4, and Challenger 300 visiting cities all across the United States. Jason feels blessed to have been introduced to people that assisted in giving him the opportunity to make a living doing something that he really loves and something that gives him a quality of life that he never thought was possible.

Ken Mazzola, Corporate Pilot

email: mazzolak@gmail.com

cell phone: +1.858.213.4793

Ken has been a corporate pilot since 2006, flying Cessna Citation Jets for a San Diego company. He is also the safety manager for his flight department and instructs pilots in a full-motion CJ3 flight simulator at the ProFlight, LLC. Ken graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Science before returning to his hometown of San Diego where he has been a flight instructor full-time for the last three years.

Kyle Kerekffy, Pilot & ISBAO Auditor

email: flykyle@roadrunner.com

cell phone: +1.760.755.5500

Kyle Kerekffy is a graduate of CSU Fullerton (B.A. Business Administration), an airline transport pilot, and holds several business and commercial jet type ratings. Kyle grew up on/around North Island with his father flying Navy E2's over Vietnam. His mom is a private pilot and Kyle from an early age has great memories of washing, waxing, and flying his grandfather's Piper Cherokee. In 2006, Southwest Airlines offered Kyle a pilot position which he declined due to his passion for corporate aviation. Kyle is currently Lead Captain flying a Falcon 7X for Clay Lacy Aviation to domestic and many interanational destinations. Previous to that, Kyle has held Chief Pilot, Aviation Manager, Safety Manager, and Captain roles with: Gilead Science, Relational Investors, Sonance and Walters Golf. Kyle enjoys mentoring aspiring pilots and challenging them to reach their career aspirations.

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